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Lithium Battery HJT9B-FP SkyRich (YT9B-BS - YT7B-BS - YTX7A-BS)

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  • Measure: 150x65x92 - 12 Volt - 180CCA - Peso 0,7 Kg
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Lithium battery for motorcycles and scooters HJT9B-FP SkyRich supplied ready for installation charge. The lithium-ion batteries Skyrich are extremely light compared to lead batteries (up to 80% less) with a very low self-discharge rate and no risk of finding themselves the sulphated battery after a long pause. The energy density is three times faster than conventional batteries. These batteries are built with new materials LiFePO4 (Lithium and Iron Phosphate), so do not contain lead, mercury and sulfuric acid while respecting the environment.

To facilitate the user and to facilitate monitoring of the charge during long stops of use, the batteries Skyrich Lithium are equipped all with LED indicator to monitor at any time the state of charge. Two illuminated led (capacity 50%) are sufficient for the starting of the vehicle occurs without the need to charge the battery. Three led lit indicate the status of optimal charge.

All Skyrich Lithium batteries are equipped with electronic protections, necessary to avoid the excess charge or discharge: it is essential that the control circuit BMS is able to stabilize the charge current between the elements of the battery. The life of lithium batteries Skyrich is estimated at thousands of charge-discharge cycles.

Key Features

  • Adaptable to most motorcycles and scooters in circulation
  • Scalability - using the adjustable spacer fits all battery compartments
  • Reduced weight than batteries Lead / acid - up to 5 times lighter
  • High Current Amps (CCA)
  • LED indicator to take under control the state
  • Very low self-discharge - less than 6% in a year
  • Low internal resistance
  • Over 2000 cycles of charge / discharge - 6 times higher than the traditional
  • No risk of acid leakage
  • No pollution as they contain acids and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury.
  • Quick charge - up to 90% in 6 minutes providing charging current 10 times greater than its capacity
  • Outstanding performance even at high temperatures (60-80 ° C).

Replaceable standard batteries YT9B-BS - YT7B-BS - YTX7A-BS and acronyms equivalent

NOTES: only use chargers specific compatible with lithium batteries such as those shown in the window "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS"


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