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Stators are key components in motorcycles and scooters. They play a crucial role, acting as the engine of the electrical system. Without stators, no lights, no starting, no power. Think of stators as mini power stations. Located near the engine, they spring into action as soon as you start the bike. Their function? To convert mechanical motion into electrical current. This energy powers everything: headlights, horns, and other electrical devices. A concrete example helps to better understand why having quality stators is essential. Imagine you're riding around the city at night. Your headlights cut through the darkness, the horn ready for use. All this is possible thanks to the stators. Without them, your motorcycle would be just shadow and silence. Stators also have the task of recharging the battery while driving. It's like having a generator with you at all times. This means fewer worries about the battery and more freedom to enjoy your ride. Below, you can find various types of stators for motorcycles or scooters.

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  1. Stator Ape 420 Diesel (1986-2001) Code: 20659
  2. Stator Aprilia Caponord 1200 Code: 28946
  3. Stator Aprilia Caponord Futura 1000 Code: 15920
  4. Stator Aprilia Dorsoduro Shiver 750/900/1200 Code: 89939
  5. Stator Aprilia Gilera Piaggio 125/300 (from 2008) Code: 86613
  6. Stator Aprilia Mana 850 - Gilera GP800 Original Code: 89940
  7. Stator Aprilia RS4 125 - 125 4T Derbi Code: 12511
  8. Stator Aprilia Scarabeo - Vespa 50 4T (from 2008) Code: 86612
  9. Stator Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200 IE Light Code: 83508
  10. Stator Aprilia Scarabeo Leonardo 125/150/200 Rotax Code: 85660
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  11. Stator Aprilia SR - Scarabeo Ditech 50 Original Code: 82144

322 items

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