Safe Shopping

MotoShopItalia, in accordance in the major agencies for promotion and certification of commerce on-line, offers a service which is secure, trustworthy transparent and efficient for the Costumer.


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To achieve and maintain high level of service we constantly apply various operations:

  • We actively collaborate with Feedaty and Trustpilot, an external and independent partner that manages the opinions and feedbacks of our clients on our shop and our products, given by experience in purchasing in our shop. Feedbacks from our clients are valuable to us as they help to constantly improve the quality of our products and service. By clicking on our icon you can have the options which are updated every day from who have already purchased from us with certification of evaluation.
  • Payment by credit cards made online are strictly secure and protected https highly secured and dealt directly by payment agencies (Paypal).
  • There are pages with general conditions of sale detailed and updated as well as the specific pages for payment, delivery and description of the items.
  • There are pages with information and details of who we are “Chi Siamo” and with contact for Costumer Service “Contattaci”.
  • Personal details of our customers are always protected as we strictly follow the regulation and normative on the privacy.
  • The certification AICEL(Italian Association of Electronic Commerce)and Federcomin (National Federation of Business Sector Confindustria) are always committed to ensure that the norms are regulations of CEE on Electronic commerce are respected as well as other principals and criteria on transparency, security and privacy in carrying commercial transactions online. At the start of the page there are the respective certificates with the link of the official website of the agencies that confirm the validity.


We also report rules and important information in order to purchase securely online which we attain and that you can easily check before buying any of our products:

  • Denomination, structure and full address, registration details, VAT number of the company
  • Email address and telephone numbers of the company
  • Information regarding certifications of quality and specific authorisations
  • Characteristics and description with photograph of the products and the service offered
  • Prices and their temporary validity (specification if VAT is included)
  • Possibility and mode of exercising changes, confirmation and cancellation of order
  • Post purchase service
  • Methods of payment and security systems adopted
  • Methods of delivery and beginning of guaranty
  • Application and validity of the guaranty
  • Methods of managing returns, time, cost and refund
  • Legislation to apply in case of controversy
  • Resolution service extra juridical in controversy
  • Cession of any commercial information if undesired

Surfing on the internet you can find many offers of the same product, realizing that the price can differ given by an open market and good competition. There is a great difference in price, especially on websites for auctions, forum and private advertising when the provenience of the product is in doubt when the operators are not professional and therefore they can not give a guaranty, assistance, refund and respect the rules and regulation in this field.