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Module Rapid Bike Easy without Wiring (add-on unit)

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Additional unit Rapid Bike Easy K27RBEASY2 by Dimsport Technology equipped with a microprocessor that acts interfacing the signal from the oxygen sensor - meter ratio gasoline / air - and the air temperature. The optimum setting of the carburetor provides precise operation and correct engine in all situations and optimize and improve the performance of the original vehicle and special parts already mounted increasing them again (exhausts, air filters, etc ...).

The calibration of the system is done by hand on two trimmers with scale by following the instructions in the manual supplied and does not require additional software. The LED status facilitate the control of the correct operation of the controller. The change of the signal ago intervene original ECU changing values injection here is the realization of the concept "Plug & Play" according RapidBike!

Secondary image (click to enlarge) shows the signal from the oxygen sensor on the relationship petrol / air: fuel mixture than the original (in blue), RapidBike EASY (in red) allows a more powerful carburetion (closer to green line, ratio gasoline / air ideal for optimum performance) that improves engine performance and optimizes fuel consumption.

The controller interfaces to the wiring harness through original connectors specific to each model (not included in the package). Installation is so simple and fast. Is possible to mount the unit on other models simply by ordering the specific wiring for another model sold separately as a spare. Construction standards are specific to the automotive sector and based on criteria such as electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to shock / vibration, temperature fluctuations and atmospheric agents (eg. Water resistance).

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