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Charger - Maintainer Battery TecMate Accumate

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Fully automatic, you just select the battery voltage between 6 and 12 V. For batteries with a capacity of 75 Ah. It can be used for all lead / acid batteries, gel, completely sealed, maintenance and hybrid lead / calcium (no Ni-Cd or dry). Charging program advanced three stage which also provides maintenance charging of the battery, if used for a long time (operation to "buffer"). The Accumate a constant current charge of 1.2 A (with maximum efficiency and minimum time) until the voltage reaches 14.3 V, just before it starts to gasify. Then maintains this voltage until the battery power reaches 200 mA. The voltage is then limited to 13.6 V to maintain the battery. During this state, the current to the battery is continuously monitored and if it exceeds 200 mA charging program starts. E 'equipped with yellow and green LEDs that show the status of the battery charge. Completely safe even for the novice user. And 'electronically protected against short circuit and reverse polarity. No spark even in case of short circuit. Equipped with waterproof battery cable connector for connecting fast charger Accumate. To use, simply connect the two silencers red / black directly to the battery of your car / motorbike, leaving them always connected. Then fix it in an easily accessible the other end of the cable. So you can connect the charger Accumate at any time, easily and quickly, without having to disconnect anything from your midst. Complete with fuse holder with fuse 10 A. The charger Accumate is ideal for rapid charging of batteries for motorcycles, scooters and racing cars. Delivered with cable clamps and cable eyelet.
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