Motorcycle passion is deeply engaging, uniting enthusiasts of all ages and from every corner of the globe. This love for motorcycles transcends mere transportation, becoming a lifestyle and a form of personal expression. In 2024, as in previous years, motorcycle gatherings and events are an unmissable opportunity to share your passion with fellow enthusiasts, discover the latest industry innovations, and enjoy moments of socializing and fun.

Motorcycle gatherings and events are more than just a chance to showcase your bike or admire others' models. They are moments of meeting and exchange, where enthusiasts can share experiences, advice, and anecdotes about the world of motorcycles. Additionally, these events offer the opportunity to make new friends, expand your network, and embark on exciting adventures with other bikers.

2023 promises to be a year full of unmissable appointments for motorcycle enthusiasts. With major gatherings, international-level sporting competitions, and fairs dedicated to the world of motorcycles, there will be plenty of choices. To not miss any of the most interesting opportunities, it's crucial to stay updated on the event calendar and carefully plan your travels. In this article, we'll guide you through the most anticipated motorcycle gatherings and events of 2024, providing all the information you need to organize your participation.

Most Anticipated Motorcycle Gatherings and Events of 2024

In this chapter, we'll explore some of the most anticipated motorcycle gatherings of 2024 and provide information on what makes these events special.

The year 2024 kicks off with a rich calendar of motorcycle events in Italy, a true paradise for two-wheel enthusiasts. Starting in January, events follow one after another, offering an exciting mix of gatherings, motor raids, and events celebrating motorcycle culture in various regions of the country.

The first appointment is in January in Aquileia, where A.S.D. “Motoclub Morena“ kicks off the season with the "National Motorcycle Meeting Moto Befana di Beneficenza", an event that combines motorcycle passion with a spirit of solidarity. Soon after, the "Scrambler Sperimentale Swank Winter Rally" in Verona promises adrenaline and winter challenges for scrambler lovers.

February features the traditional "National Motorcycle Rally Carnevale di Viareggio", organized by the Motorcycle Association Perla del Tirreno ASD, an event that combines the carnival celebration with the thrill of motorcycles. March is packed with events, including the notable "National Motorcycle Rally Cantine e Motori" in Bertiolo and the "National Spring Motorcycle Rally" in Fossano, both celebrating the season with gatherings that attract bikers from all over Italy.

As 2024 progresses, each month offers a variety of events in different locations, from Misano Adriatico to Castelfiorentino, from Figline and Incisa Valdarno to Montesilvano. Each event is a unique opportunity to explore new roads, meet other enthusiasts, and experience the thrill of riding on two wheels in some of Italy's most picturesque landscapes.

These events are not just gatherings, but true festivals that celebrate motorcycle culture, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond just riding. They're the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of the Italian territory, its culture, gastronomy, and, of course, to share the passion for motorcycles.

Below is a list of all the events you shouldn't miss if you're a motorcycle enthusiast (source

Date Day Location Organizer Event
05/01/2024 2 Aquileia A.S.D. “Motoclub Morena“ Motoincontro Nazionale "Moto Befana di Beneficenza"
20/01/2024 1 Verona Adventure Riding Scrambler Sperimentale "Swank Winter Rally"
10/02/2024 2 Viareggio Associazione Motociclistica Perla del Tirreno ASD Motoraduno Nazionale "Carnevale di Viareggio"
08/03/2024 3 Roma 1000 Curve ASD Turismo Adventouring Nazionale
23/03/2024 2 Bertiolo Eagles Team Motoraduno Nazionale “Cantine e Motori“
23/03/2024 2 Fossano Fossano Motoraduno Nazionale "Di Primavera"
31/03/2024 2 Misano Adriatico Misano Adriatico Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "Circuito Cittadino"
06/04/2024 2 Castelfiorentino Castelfiorentino Motoraduno Nazionale "Città di Castelfiorentino"
20/04/2024 2 Figline e Incisa Valdarno Motolampeggio Mototraid Nazionale "20.000 Pieghe Elite"
25/04/2024 3 Misano Adriatico Misano Adriatico Motoincontro Nazionale "Del Sic58"
25/04/2024 4 Montesilvano Sterrare è Umano ASD Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Sterrare è Umano Trophy"
27/04/2024 2 Belvedere Marittimo I Fratelli della Strada Motoraduno Nazionale "I Fratelli della Strada"
27/04/2024 2 Recanati Franco Uncini Motoraduno Nazionale "Città di Recanati"
02/05/2024 4 Vibo Valentia Bikers Solitari Lamezia Terme A.S.D. Motovacanza Nazionale “Giro della Calabria“
03/05/2024 3 Rosolini Moto Club Rosolini ASD Motoraduno Nazionale "Last East Sicily"
04/05/2024 2 Pontedera Pontedera Mototraid Nazionale Prova Unica Finale "Pontedera Città dei Motori"
11/05/2024 2 Praia a Mare Gli Amici Motoraduno Nazionale "Città di Praia a Mare“
11/05/2024 2 Senago M.A.S. Motoincontro Nazionale "Adlertreffen"
11/05/2024 2 Varzi Moto Club Asfalto&Polvere A.S.D. Mototraid Nazionale "Mototrek500 3^ Edizione"
17/05/2024 2 Brescia U.S. Leonessa d`Italia 1903 Turismo Adventouring Internazionale "Valli Bresciane Audax"
18/05/2024 2 Castel del Piano Castel del Piano Motoraduno Nazionale “Delle Frittelle“
19/05/2024 7 Bologna Terni Libero Liberati - Paolo Pileri Mototraid Internazionale "Motogiro d`Italia"
23/05/2024 4 Orvieto Motolampeggio Discovering Vintage Heroes Nazionale "1000 Sassi Vintage Heroes"
23/05/2024 4 Orvieto Motolampeggio Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "1000 Sassi"
25/05/2024 2 Ancona Ancona “G. Lattanzi“ - La Casetta A.S.D. Motoraduno Nazionale “El Centenario del Lattanzi“
25/05/2024 2 San Teodoro Terra Sarda Racing Team A.S.D. Motoincontro Nazionale "Motomarea 2024"
31/05/2024 3 Corigliano-Rossano I Cavalieri di Corigliano Calabro Motoraduno Nazionale "I Cavalieri di Corigliano"
01/06/2024 6 Porto Torres Nord Kapp Sardegna Raid Motociclistico Nazionale "La 6 Giorni/1000 Km-Sardegna in Moto"
07/06/2024 3 Rieti Strade Bianche in Moto Turismo Discovering Internazionale "Transitalia Challenge"
07/06/2024 3 Farini Chieve Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Cefadventure"
07/06/2024 3 Maratea Il Redentore Motoraduno Nazionale "Del Cuore"
08/06/2024 2 Colonnella I Guerrieri Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Strade del Vino"
13/06/2024 4 Genova Adventure Riding Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Sardegna Gran Tour"
14/06/2024 3 Campello sul Clitunno Campello in Moto Discovering Vintage Heroes Nazionale "Umbria Raid Experience"
14/06/2024 3 Campello sul Clitunno Campello in Moto Turismo Discovering Nazionale "Umbria Raid Experience"
14/06/2024 3 Campello sul Clitunno Campello in Moto Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Umbria Raid Experience"
14/06/2024 3 Cagli 1000 Curve ASD Turismo Discovering Nazionale
15/06/2024 2 Amandola Aquile dei Sibillini Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Della Pancetta"
15/06/2024 2 Masainas Moto Club Le Dune Motoraduno Nazionale "Delle Dune"
21/06/2024 3 Udine A.S.D. “Motoclub Morena“ Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Città di Udine"
22/06/2024 2 Morrovalle Morrovalle Motoraduno Nazionale "Della Calzatura"
27/06/2024 4 Ponte di Legno Motolampeggio Mototraid Nazionale "20.000 Pieghe"
28/06/2024 3 Rionero in Vulture Giacinto Cerviere Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Terre Lucane Adventure 2024"
29/06/2024 2 Perugia Mugnano Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva “ Nel Paese dei Muri Dipinti “
05/07/2024 3 Canzano A.S.D. Moto Club Felice Pietrinferni Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Abruzzo Adventure Experience"
05/07/2024 3 Rosignano Marittimo Vada Bikers del Tirreno Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Gli Smarmittati"
05/07/2024 3 Monastier di Treviso Monastier Motoraduno Nazionale “Sulla Strada dei Vini del Piave“
05/07/2024 3 Roveredo in Piano Danilo Vian Motogiro Nazionale "Friuli Venezia Giulia"
06/07/2024 2 Pesaro Moto Club Pesaro “T.Benelli“ Motoraduno Nazionale “Del Mare“
12/07/2024 3 Alessandria Madonnina dei Centauri Internazionale Motoraduno Internazionale Selettiva "Madonnina dei Centauri"
13/07/2024 2 Bibbiena Associazione Motociclistica Alto Casentino Motoincontro Nazionale "Del Casentino"
13/07/2024 2 Mosciano Sant`Angelo Rosso Italiano Motoraduno Nazionale "Rosso tra le Torri"
20/07/2024 2 Francavilla al Mare Ferentum Motoraduno Nazionale "Formula Classica"
27/07/2024 2 Barga Associazione Motociclistica Perla del Tirreno ASD Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "Salita Fornaci di Barga - Barga"
01/08/2024 4 Mori Italian Riders Oscar Bellini Motoincontro Nazionale "Dell`Amicizia"
10/08/2024 6 Assisi Jarno Saarinen Motoraduno Internazionale “Giro dell’Umbria“
10/08/2024 2 Camaiore Associazione Motociclistica Perla del Tirreno ASD Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "5° Camaiore - Pedona"
24/08/2024 2 Salandra Salandra Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Bellezze Paesaggistiche Lucane"
31/08/2024 2 Ascea I Focei Motoraduno Nazionale "Delle Bandiere Blu"
31/08/2024 2 Molfetta Molfetta Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "L.A.S.E. Angels"
31/08/2024 2 Trento Trento Mototraid Nazionale "Trento Bondone"
05/09/2024 4 Bevagna Pepe Bevagna Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Queen Trophy"
06/09/2024 3 Magenta Magenta Motogiro Nazionale "Della Lombardia e Dintorni Ed. 2024"
06/09/2024 3 Pizzo 299 No Limits Motoraduno Internazionale Adrenalina on the Road
06/09/2024 3 Pescara Castellammare Adriatico ASD Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "Coppa Roma Castellammare Adriatico"
07/09/2024 2 Roma - Gianicolo Lupi Bianchi Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Lupi Bianchi - Gianicolo"
07/09/2024 2 Riola Sardo Moto Kart Club Riola Motoraduno Nazionale "Della Vernaccia"
07/09/2024 2 Taranto Diabolik Motoraduno Nazionale
09/09/2024 7 Siniscola Portoscuso Motovacanza Nazionale "Tourist Trophy Sardegna in Tour"
13/09/2024 3 Massa 1000 Curve ASD Turismo Discovering Nazionale
14/09/2024 2 Varzi Moto Club Asfalto&Polvere A.S.D. Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "Circuito Motociclistico di Varzi"
14/09/2024 2 Telese Terme Overdrive Tonino Limata Motoraduno Nazionale Selettiva "Telesia Motor Show"
15/09/2024 6 Porto Torres Nord Kapp Sardegna Raid Motociclistico Nazionale "Golfo dell'Asinara-1000 km da Rally"
18/09/2024 3 Sicilia Moto Club della Sicilia Festa Bikers Nazionale 2024
20/09/2024 8 Rimini Strade Bianche in Moto Turismo Adventouring Internazionale "Transitalia Marathon"
21/09/2024 2 Ancona Ancona “G. Lattanzi“ - La Casetta A.S.D. Rievocazione Storica Nazionale "El Centenario delle Storiche di Ancona"
24/09/2024 5 Genova Adventure Riding Iron Touring Nazionale "Swank Rally di Sardegna Classic"
27/09/2024 3 Brescia Co.Re. Sicilia e Moto Club della Sicilia Trofeo delle Regioni Mototurismo 2024
25/09/2024 5 Sicilia U.S. Leonessa d`Italia 1903 Motoraid Internazionale "La Brescia-Napoli: Classica in Moto d'Epoca"
29/09/2024 4 Trinità d`Agultu e Vignola Sandalion Turismo Adventouring Nazionale "Sandalion"
04/10/2024 3 Rionero in Vulture Giacinto Cerviere Turismo Discovering Nazionale "Le Vie dell'Aglianico"
12/10/2024 2 Inveruno Inverunese Motoraduno Nazionale “Della Casseula“
18/10/2024 3 Sant'Angelo in Vado T.Benelli Motoraduno Internazionale "Del Tartufo"

How to Best Prepare for the 2024 Motorcycle Gatherings and Events

Organizing Travel and Accommodation

To fully enjoy the 2024 motorcycle gatherings and events, it's essential to plan your travel and accommodation in advance. Research the best transportation options, such as trains, buses, planes, or traveling by motorcycle, considering time and costs. Consider the distance, road conditions, and weather. Book accommodation well in advance, preferring facilities that offer services for motorcyclists, such as secure parking and mechanical assistance.

Checking Your Motorcycle and Necessary Equipment

Before heading to a motorcycle event, it's important to check the condition of your motorcycle. Perform a general review, checking brakes, tires, lights, chain, and engine oil. Ensure you have the appropriate equipment: helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and boots. Carry a first aid kit and a multitool for any emergencies.

Informing Yourself About Safety Norms and Event Rules

To ensure everyone's safety, it's crucial to know the safety norms and specific rules of the events you plan to attend. Consult the event's website or contact the organizers for this information. Respect speed limits, maintain safe distances, and follow the instructions of the staff. Remember that your responsible behavior will contribute to making the event an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.

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Conclusion: 2024, a Year Full of Emotions for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

2024 is shaping up to be a memorable year for all motorcycle enthusiasts, thanks to a calendar full of gatherings and events catering to every taste and preference. From sporting competitions to fairs dedicated to the world of motorcycles, the year will offer unmissable opportunities to meet other bikers, share experiences, and discover the latest industry innovations.

To make the most of these events, it's crucial to prepare adequately, organizing travel and accommodation, checking the condition of your motorcycle, and informing yourself about the safety norms and rules of each event. Moreover, relying on online stores like MotoShopItalia will allow you to purchase quality accessories and clothing, ensuring safe and comfortable participation in the events.