In the world of two-wheelers, protecting one's vehicle is crucial, and in this scenario, motorcycle covers prove to be irreplaceable allies. These seemingly simple accessories play a fundamental role in preserving the beauty and functionality of our motorcycle. But what are the real benefits of using a motorcycle cover and how to choose the right one? In this section, we will introduce the importance of motorcycle covers and the benefits that derive from the regular use of these accessories.

The importance of motorcycle covers mainly lies in their ability to protect the motorcycle from atmospheric agents, from the sun, rain, and snow, but also from dust, dirt and, in some cases, prying eyes. A motorcycle cover is not only a way to cover the motorcycle, but it constitutes a protective barrier that can significantly prolong the aesthetic and functional life of the vehicle.

The benefits of regular use of a motorcycle cover go beyond mere protection from external factors. With adequate coverage, the motorcycle will be less exposed to the elements, maintaining its appearance and performance over time. Moreover, the use of a motorcycle cover can also help maintain a certain resale value of the vehicle, preserving the paint and metal parts from corrosion and damage caused by atmospheric agents.

Types of motorcycle covers

Getting to the heart of the discussion, it is essential to explore the different types of motorcycle covers available on the market.

The vast range of options may initially seem overwhelming, but a clear understanding of the various types and materials will help make an informed choice.

Common materials and their advantages

The materials used in the manufacture of motorcycle covers are crucial as they determine the durability, resistance and protection they can offer.

Here are some of the common materials:

  • Polyester: polyester is a popular material for motorcycle covers thanks to its water resistance and durability. It is also tear-resistant and can withstand various weather conditions, making it a reliable option.
  • Nylon: nylon is lightweight and very water resistant, and is often used in combination with polyester to improve tear resistance.
  • Oxford Fabric: known for its robustness, Oxford fabric offers good protection against sun and rain. It is also wear-resistant, making it suitable for prolonged use.

Each material has its unique advantages and the choice will depend on your specific needs and the conditions in which you intend to use the motorcycle cover.

Indoor and outdoor motorcycle covers

Choosing between indoor and outdoor motorcycle covers is another important factor.

  • Indoor motorcycle covers are ideal for keeping the motorcycle clean from dust and other debris when parked in a garage or other covered areas. They tend to be lighter and less resistant to weather conditions compared to outdoor covers.
  • Outdoor motorcycle covers, on the other hand, are designed to offer robust protection against adverse weather conditions, such as rain, sun, snow and wind. They are made with more robust materials and often have additional features such as water and UV resistance.

Motorcycle covers with anti-theft features

Another interesting category is that of motorcycle covers with anti-theft features. These covers are equipped with security mechanisms such as locks, steel cables or integrated alarm systems that discourage theft attempts.

  • Some models have built-in locks that secure the cover to the motorcycle, making it difficult for thieves to remove it without attracting attention.
  • Others have alarm systems that emit an audible signal if someone tries to remove the cover or move the motorcycle.

If security is one of your main concerns, a motorcycle cover with anti-theft features might be a wise choice.

Exploring the different types of motorcycle covers and understanding the advantages of various materials will help you make an informed choice and find the most suitable motorcycle cover for your needs. Each motorcyclist has different needs and knowing the available options is the first step to making an informed choice that will ensure that your motorcycle remains protected and in excellent condition for the years to come.

Features to consider in motorcycle covers

best motorcycle covers

When it comes to protecting our beloved motorcycle, not all motorcycle covers are created equal.

Some features are fundamental to ensure that the chosen cover meets our needs.

Below, we explore some of the key features that deserve attention when choosing a motorcycle cover.


Waterproofness is one of the most important features to observe when going to purchase a motorcycle cover. A good cover must be able to keep water away from the motorcycle, protecting it from rain and moisture that can cause rust and corrosion over time. It is important to check the quality of the waterproofing, as insufficient protection can result in costly damage to the motorcycle.

UV Protection

UV protection is another essential feature. The sun's UV rays can fade the motorcycle's paint and damage the plastic parts. A motorcycle cover with good UV protection will help maintain the motorcycle in good aesthetic condition, preserving the color and brightness of the paint.

Wind and Cold Resistance

A motorcycle cover must also offer good resistance to wind and cold. In strong wind conditions, a well-secured cover will protect the motorcycle from scratches and damage caused by flying debris. Moreover, during the winter months, a robust cover can provide a barrier against cold and frost, helping to keep the motorcycle in optimal condition.

Design and Size

Lastly, the design and size of the motorcycle cover are aspects that should not be overlooked. It is crucial to choose a cover of the right size that completely covers the motorcycle, providing total protection. The design of the cover should allow easy installation and removal, and ideally have openings or straps that allow it to be securely attached to the motorcycle, preventing it from shifting or flying away with the wind.

A well-thought-out design can also offer pockets or spaces for accessories, such as locks or alarm systems, providing additional security options.

Every motorcyclist has different needs. Carefully considering these features will help you find the motorcycle cover that best suits your needs as a rider. An excellent motorcycle cover will not only keep your motorcycle safe from bad weather, but will preserve its appearance and functionality, ensuring that you can enjoy your motorcycle for many years to come​.

The best motorcycle covers you can buy on MotoShopItalia

A good motorcycle cover is essential to keep your motorcycle protected from the weather and to keep it in optimal conditions for the years to come. MotoShopItalia offers a wide range of high-quality motorcycle covers that meet different needs and budgets.

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  3. Outdoor Motorcycle Cover Oxford Rainex - With a special price of €65.00, this cover offers robust protection against rain and other elements.
  4. Aquatex Motorcycle Cover by Oxford - A quality cover at an affordable price of €25.00, great for daily protection of your motorcycle.
  5. Capit Elastic Motorcycle Cover with Custom Graphics - For those who want an aesthetically pleasing cover with custom graphics, this is a premium option with a special price of €269.91.
  6. Indoor Motorcycle Cover - Perfect for those who keep the motorcycle in the garage or other covered areas, available at €25.00.

These are just some of the motorcycle covers available on MotoShopItalia. Each cover has unique features that can meet different needs. It is important to consider factors such as waterproofness, UV protection, and the size of the cover to ensure it fits perfectly on your motorcycle.

On our website, we not only offer a wide selection, but also detailed descriptions and competitive prices that will help you make the right choice for your motorcycle. We invite all readers to visit our motorcycle covers page to discover all available models and find the perfect motorcycle cover for their needs​.

How to choose the right motorcycle cover

Choosing the right motorcycle cover is crucial to ensure your motorcycle receives the protection it needs.

Every motorcycle is unique and coverage needs can vary based on many factors. In this part of the article, we explore some key considerations and provide practical tips on how to choose the most suitable motorcycle cover for your needs.

Considerations based on the type of motorcycle and intended use

The first step in choosing a motorcycle cover is understanding the specific needs of your motorcycle and how you plan to use it.

  • Type of motorcycle: the size and shape of your motorcycle will influence the size and design of the motorcycle cover. For instance, a sports bike might need a different cover compared to a cruiser or a touring motorcycle.
  • Intended use: whether you plan to keep your motorcycle indoors or outdoors will influence the type of cover you choose. An outdoor cover should have good waterproofness and UV protection, while an indoor cover might focus more on protection against dust.
  • Local climate: the climate in your area will play a significant role in the choice of cover. In a colder or rainier climate, you will want a cover that offers robust protection against water and cold.

Maintenance tips to ensure longevity

Investing in a good motorcycle cover is only half the battle. Regular maintenance of your cover will ensure it continues to protect your motorcycle for many years to come.

  • Cleaning: regularly clean your motorcycle cover following the manufacturer's instructions to prevent dirt and debris build-up that could scratch your motorcycle.
  • Inspection: check your motorcycle cover for signs of wear or damage that could compromise its effectiveness. If you notice tears or holes, it might be time to replace the cover.
  • Proper Installation: ensure the cover is correctly installed and securely attached to the motorcycle to prevent it from shifting or flying away with the wind.
  • Storage: when not in use, store your cover in a dry and cool place to preserve its longevity.

With these considerations and maintenance tips, you will be better equipped to choose and maintain the right motorcycle cover that will ensure your motorcycle remains protected and ready for the road at any time​.

Conclusions and Final Recommendations

At this point, we have deeply explored the importance of motorcycle covers, the different types available, the features to consider, and how to choose the most suitable one based on the type of motorcycle and intended use.

It's clear that a good motorcycle cover is a rational investment for every motorcycle enthusiast. Not only does it protect your vehicle from atmospheric agents, but it also preserves its value and aesthetics in the long term.

Choosing the right motorcycle cover may seem challenging given the wide range of options available in the market. However, with the right information and a clear understanding of your needs, you can easily find the cover that will provide the best protection for your motorcycle.

Here are some final recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Needs Assessment: first and foremost, assess your specific needs. Consider the type of motorcycle you own, where you keep it, and the climate of your area.
  • Thorough Research: conduct thorough research. Explore various brands and read reviews from other motorcyclists. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and reliability of a motorcycle cover.
  • Budget: set a budget, but remember that sometimes it's worth investing in a high-quality cover that will provide better protection and last longer.
  • Trial and Error: sometimes, the best choice comes from trial and error. Don't hesitate to try different motorcycle covers to find the one that best meets your needs.
  • Regular Maintenance: once you've purchased the motorcycle cover, ensure you keep it clean and in good condition to ensure optimal protection over time.
  • MotoShopItalia offers a wide range of high-quality motorcycle covers. it's worth exploring our selection and, if possible, speaking with their expert staff to get personalized advice.

With the information and advice provided in this article, we hope to have made the process of selecting a motorcycle cover a bit less intimidating and more informative. Remember, providing adequate protection for your motorcycle is an investment in its future, ensuring it remains in great condition to enjoy many two-wheeled adventures for the years to come.